Thursday, February 1, 2007

my last project


This leave, I m doing a small project
this post I ll tell u bout it.

My project is design a small home, it be place in klaten, central java. The owner give me a job to design a simply and least of cost!! Yup least of cost!!! Most people want it, right?

I think….i think…. and then i wrote my concept, a minimalist tropic home!! Queen of fortune wth me, the owner agreed the concept, “wah aku seneng konsepe…”. He told, hee….

furthermore step, I design the the home, and it hv done now,
u can see the floor plan and perspective view above.
If u interest in, I ll give u the detail design for free, ye…… just send an email and tell me why u interest in and what for u order it.the original format is in autocad 2006/2004, sketchup 6, jpeg and some videos.

Um, my email is

finally the home is being build now….i ll share the picture when it done, be patient to get it yach….

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Dadah said...

ngapusi..lha wong ownwernya nyet manutan kok hehehe...kan saya asistennya weee...