Friday, February 9, 2007


hey dude! well guys, this post ill tell u bout the concepts of WILLOWATER by Roger Dean. to the point, hope it ll useful for u all.

"The village style community we propose to create will be a highly inspirational neighbourhood, a role model for community building. It will effectively address many of the critical issues sometimes overlooked; issues such as security, communications, the environment, sustainability, practicality, children and the less abled, spiritual amenities and materials. "Home for Life is a concept that embodies the results of many years of research into the way people respond emotionally to interior spaces - the sort of spaces that produce a sense of security and well being as well as being practical and secure, spaces that are peaceful and tranquil such as bedrooms and home offices and kitchens that inspire and energise. "The project will embody a wide range of important environmental credentials including being exceptionally energy efficient. Quick and economical to build with earth sheltered elements that blend well into the natural environment while also preserving the local habitat. "Special attention will be paid to how the home fits into a community enhancing the sense of security, choreographing pathways and roadways in such a way that they do both a practical job of connecting as well as inspiring the user as they move through the village. "Utopian dreams are seductive and invariably fall short of pre-determined ideals. We expect Willowater to be a learning process and we are sure to fall short of perfection. We also expect to build something incredible, using all the best practices and knowledge that the project team has acquired, something amazing that will be a huge step forward in our understanding of what a community can be, a real achievement and a real inspiration to both the people who will live there and to others who will dare to develop new communities in the future."

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