Monday, July 23, 2007

wake up

hi all, sorry for so long time i hibernate this blog, now lets starts the nu age of this blog.

firs post after the vacum, i post my last project.
its about a building consist of three functions ; shopping mall, rental office and apartement. style of ths building i call it futuristic and the naturalistic...
thats thi pic.

Friday, February 9, 2007

which is our future?

natural architecture

Ecological Architecture If we ever hope of creating a sustainable planet-bound civilization without then it seems only obvious that we'll need to work with rather against the biospheres processes. There are many archictects who are working hard to bring our civilization back into harmony with the environment. Emilio Ambasz is an architect who has designed buildings that do just that. They are passively solar, evaporatively cooled, extremely energy efficient, seamlessly bringing the built and natural environment together. All the rain water falling onto his building is either collected for the buildings flora or recycled for drinking water by it's inhabitants. Additionally, much of the buildings waste is processed using Living Machinery. As you can see from this model below an entire mixed-use project could easily disappear, providing an urban solution that has little or no impact on the local ecology, and retains the natural beauty of the area.


hey dude! well guys, this post ill tell u bout the concepts of WILLOWATER by Roger Dean. to the point, hope it ll useful for u all.

"The village style community we propose to create will be a highly inspirational neighbourhood, a role model for community building. It will effectively address many of the critical issues sometimes overlooked; issues such as security, communications, the environment, sustainability, practicality, children and the less abled, spiritual amenities and materials. "Home for Life is a concept that embodies the results of many years of research into the way people respond emotionally to interior spaces - the sort of spaces that produce a sense of security and well being as well as being practical and secure, spaces that are peaceful and tranquil such as bedrooms and home offices and kitchens that inspire and energise. "The project will embody a wide range of important environmental credentials including being exceptionally energy efficient. Quick and economical to build with earth sheltered elements that blend well into the natural environment while also preserving the local habitat. "Special attention will be paid to how the home fits into a community enhancing the sense of security, choreographing pathways and roadways in such a way that they do both a practical job of connecting as well as inspiring the user as they move through the village. "Utopian dreams are seductive and invariably fall short of pre-determined ideals. We expect Willowater to be a learning process and we are sure to fall short of perfection. We also expect to build something incredible, using all the best practices and knowledge that the project team has acquired, something amazing that will be a huge step forward in our understanding of what a community can be, a real achievement and a real inspiration to both the people who will live there and to others who will dare to develop new communities in the future."

thats all...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fulfill the promise

In my previous post a promise to share some pic of the solo convention centre and hotel that I ve designed.

Here they are!!!

somethin in my brain

The true motive for invading Iraq was to put a garrison on top of an oilfield – one of the biggest and purest fields in the world. Washington has long been aware that the reserves of oil are diminishing and that world demand is accelerating. According to energy investment banker Mathew Simmons, the current supply of 85 million barrels a day will shrink to almost a quarter of that in 13 yeas. As he told the US Department of Defense in June, “THIS IS A BIG DEAL!” Simmons urges the military to “plan, organize and fight to win the energy war”.

But what kind of energy will be used to fight and energy war? As the era of cheap and abundant fossil fuel declines, hardly a government in the world has a blueprint for total sustainability. At the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, a clue to US thinking was revealed by President Bush senior: “The American way of life is not negotiable”. Meaning? Uncle Sam grabs the world’s oil and everyone else lives off potato skins, wearing windmills on their hats.
Whatever the Pentagon is planning, I do not believe the majority of citizens will accept an US/THEM world; a landscape of five star fortresses overlooking a global archipelago of gulags.
Though fossil fuels are failing, the global brain continues to evolve. Connect, co-operate, create – this is the way to outwit neo balkanisation, immigration camps and state terror. (A scenario powerfully depicted in the latest futurist movie, Children of Men). This is a moment of awakening – of learning how to live lightly off the planet 24/7. When you think about it, how can the world have a massive change of climate, without a change of consciousness? The creation of alternative energy will also require an alternative way of thinking. Even our relationship with the wind, sun, crops and waves will become more intimate, interdependent, and productive. Maybe the hovering state of emergency can be transformed into a state of emergence.

my last project


This leave, I m doing a small project
this post I ll tell u bout it.

My project is design a small home, it be place in klaten, central java. The owner give me a job to design a simply and least of cost!! Yup least of cost!!! Most people want it, right?

I think….i think…. and then i wrote my concept, a minimalist tropic home!! Queen of fortune wth me, the owner agreed the concept, “wah aku seneng konsepe…”. He told, hee….

furthermore step, I design the the home, and it hv done now,
u can see the floor plan and perspective view above.
If u interest in, I ll give u the detail design for free, ye…… just send an email and tell me why u interest in and what for u order it.the original format is in autocad 2006/2004, sketchup 6, jpeg and some videos.

Um, my email is

finally the home is being build now….i ll share the picture when it done, be patient to get it yach….

Saturday, January 20, 2007

my family

me and my family harta yang paling berharga adalah keluarga... by the picture let me introduce you to my family

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

solo convention centre and hotel

this is several images of my design.
contact :
original format : autocad 2006 or 2004, sketchup 5
if you interesting in send me your email addres and tell me why you want it.
em.... next post ill share my another design

solo convention centre and hotel

this is several images of my design.
contact :
original format : autocad 2006 or 2004, sketchup 5
if you interesting in send me your email addres and tell me why you want it.
em.... next post ill share my another design

solo convention centre and hotel

this is several images of my design.
contact :
original format : autocad 2006 or 2004, sketchup 5
if you interesting in send me your email addres and tell me why you want it.
em.... next post ill share my another design

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


oh sori mengenai tulisan tentang arsitektur kota pada post sebelumnya agak kacau, kalo ada tulisan yang ga kebaca di komputer anda coba anda block bagian kosong yan tulisannya ga kebaca insya Allah tulisannya keliatan.


oh sori mengenai tulisan tentang arsitektur kota pada post sebelumnya agak kacau, kalo ada tulisa yang ga kebaca di komputer anda coba anda blo bagian kosong yan tulisannya ga kebaca insya Allah tulisannya keliatan.

nex post

talk about achitecture, i have so many ideas about future architecture natural architecture (combain)
for the next post i ll write about it! so dont miss it!!

em... btw belum lama ini aku bikin design judulnya solo convention centre and hotel, i ll post it for the next, insya Allah....

assalamualaikum world

this post aku pengen ngobrol ringan mengenai arsitektur kota, susunan gambarnya mungkin agak kacau soalnya agak ribet ngatur gambar di blog ini, but it doesn't matter! so lets talk!!!


Reklame ciri kha

s kota Modern

Menanggapi Jl. Slam

et Riyadi bebas reklame 2007

Reklame adalah bagian dari sign dalam elemen perkotaan. Keberadaannya sudah tidak dapat dipisahkan dari keberadaan kota modern. Dari sudut pandang Arsitektur Kota, reklame berpengaruh kuat pada penampilan fisik suatu kota. Keberadaannya dapat memberikan warna yang semarak bahkan dapat menambah k

eindahan suatu kota. Namun di sisi lain reklame juga bisa berpengaruh negatif terhadap penampilan suatu kota, misalnya dapat menimbulkan ketidaktertiban dan ketidakrapian kota.

Dipandang dari segi Arsitektur, di Kota Solo ini keberadaan reklame justru berdampak negatif. Penataannya yang tidak teratur me

nimbulkan kesan semerawut dan tidak rapi. Sering kali reklame juga menghalangi/mengganggu elemen-elemen kota lain yang lebih penting seperti jalur hujau, rambu-rambu lalulintas, dsb. Sebagai contoh hal ini terjadi di kalan Slamet Riyadi, jalan utama kota Solo yang menjadi Central Bussines District (CBD) di kota Solo. Gambar di bawah ini adalah gambaran reklame di jalan Slamet Riyadi yang sedang mendapatkan banyak kritik dan sorotan saat ini.

Sebagai respon pemerintah kota, pada tahun 2007 ini rencananya jalan Slamet Riyadi akan dibersihkan dari reklame. Dijelaskan wali kota solo Joko Widodo dalam seminar ''Peran Humanitas dalam Mengatasi Krisis Bangsa'' dalam rangkaian Lustrum VI UNS 2006, hal ini bertujuan untuk mewujudkan keter

tiban dan kerapian di kota solo. Sebagai konsekuensinya pemerintah harus kehilangan pajak reklame lebih dari Rp. 350.000.000,-/bulan atau skitar 5 M per tahun.

Rencana pemerintah ini perlu dipertimb
angkan kembali secara bijaksana. Ma

ngacu pada teori Arsitektur modern, bah

wa Arsitektur

yang baik harus memenuhi aspek

-aspek : keindahan, fungsi, kekuatan serta tidak mengabaikan masalah

ekonomi. Jika ditinjau lagi, di kota Solo ini masih banyak pemukiman kumuh, penduduk miskin, bangunan-bangunan liar, PKL, dll yang keberadaannya jauh lebih membuat kota ini menjadi tidak tertib dan tidak rapi jika diba

ndingkan dengan keberadaan reklame di jalan Slamet Riyadi. Sel

ain itu peniadaan r


di jalan Slamet Riyadi juga tidak akan banyak merubah wajah kota Solo. Terbukti setelah munculn

ya isu peniad

aan reklame ini sekara

ng banyak bermunculan reklame-rekl

ame baru yang dipasang di luar jl. Slemet Riyadi, seperti : di jalan Ir. Sutami, jl. Adi Sucipto dan di sekitar Terminal Tirtonadi. Hal ini cukup membuktikan bahwa kebijakan pemerintah ini tidak akan memperbaiki keadaan tapi justru akan memunculkan

masalah di sisi kota lainnya.

Dapat kita bayangkan apabila APBD sebesar 350 juta tiap bulan digunakan untuk menertibkan pem

ukiman liar atau untuk membuat s

helter bagi pedagang kaki lima atau untuk revitalisasi pemukiman kumuh atau memp

erbaiki pedestrian dan lain – lain, tentu akan berdampak lebih positif bagi kota Solo.

Permasalahan yang sebenarnya bukanlah keberadaan reklame di kota Solo melainkan penataannya yang kurang baik.

Jadi solusi yang tepat adalah penataan

reklame yang baik di seluruh kota solo.

Berikut ini adalah rekomendasi penataan reklame di jalan Slamet Riyadi

1. penempatan Reklame

Reklame tidak boleh ditempatkan melintang di jalan, di jalur hijau dan tempat-tempat lain yang mengganggu kenyamanan dan fungsi

atribut kota yang lain.

Solusi tempat untuk reklame antara lain di :

a. Pada dinding/bagian bangunan.

Reklame di pasang pada dindin

atau bagian bangunan lain sehingga tidak

memakan tempat dan tidak mengganggu fungsi lain. Konsep seperti ini telah banyak diterapkan di negera – negara maju. Seperti contoh di samping adalah gambar salah satu view di kota Tokyo, reklamenya begitu banyak tapi tetap tidak terkesan semerawut.

b. pada kendaraan umum

badan kendaraan umum juga dapat manj

adi alternatif yang cukup menarik. Misalnya reklame dipasang pada badan bus kota, angkot, truk dan kereta.

c. pada elemen kota lain

reklame juga dapat ditempelkan pada elemen kota lain asalkan keberadaannya tidak mengganggu fungsi asli elemen kota tersebut. Misalnya pada tempat sampah, halte bus bahkan di lantai pedesrtrian/trotoar.

2. standarisasi reklame

Jalan slamet riyadi merupakan jalan utama sekaligus Central Bussines District (CBD) di kota solo harus memiliki standar yang membatasi reklame yang ada di dalamnya. Misalnya mengenai ukuran dan jumlah reklame tersebut.

3. Pengkonsepan Reklame

Jalan Slamet Riyadi adalah jalan utama yang menjadi cermin dari kota Solo sebagai kota budaya (jawa), serta letaknya jag berdekatan dengan Keraton Kasunanan dan Mangkunegaran yang menjadi pusat kebudayaan Jawa. Maka setiap reklame di jalan ini diharapkan mampu memasukkan konsep yang menjadi ciri khas kota Solo, terutama budaya Solo.

hemm... semoga anda ga bingung membacanya.... smart man must be responsive!! so, i wai for ur coment....

Thursday, January 11, 2007


my second post...
look to the world
jangan gaptek
pelajari semua
jangan ketinggalan zaman
harus aktif
know more...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

assalamualaikum world

now world, let me introduce myself

aku adalah peminat arsitektur, an architecture minded
aku adalah 'something' deep inside my physic.

enough for my first post!